ROADMAP project leaflet designed for external communication

19 Sep 2017

ROADMAP's communications team has created a project leaflet for partners to use at conferences. The leaflet includes highlevel information on the challenge the scientists are aiming to tackle with their work and the leading objectives behind it. A digital version of the leaflet is also available on our website. The aim of the leaflet is to raise awareness about the project and to provide a basis of contact for additional database providers, interested universities, institutions as well as companies, to further expand our Europe-wide network towards a potential onboarding for a Phase 2 of ROADMAP.


Brain Amyloid Pathology and Cognitive Function - Alzheimer Disease Without Dementia?

14 Jun 2017

If there ever was an exciting time for Alzheimer disease (AD) research, it is now. The discovery of biomarkers beginning 20 years ago, for example, positron emission tomography (PET) tracers that bind to plaques, the core pathological hallmark of the disease, unlocked new research fields. Together with increasing amounts of longitudinal data, it now is possible to study how the disease unfolds. This will transform the way AD is conceptualized, diagnosed, and treated.


Big Data For Better Outcomes

12 Mar 2017

Large amounts of data from multiple sources have led to the opportunity of deriving health benefits through using sophisticated technologies. Regardless of the frequently cited revolution of data-driven health care, promises remain to be fulfilled. The IMI2 BD4BO programme recognises this in representative disease areas, providing a framework to guide research and invite stakeholders to discuss the future of health systems shaped by big data. The projects will impact he research environment through shared definitions and methods to avoid duplication of work, while transforming health care systems in terms of clinical operations, research and development, evidence-based personalised medicine and public health.