Virtual workshop on data management DO-IT, September 26, 2017
A virtual workshop on data management will be held on September 26th, 11:00-13:30 CET, including a presentation on WP3’s (Identification, mapping and integration of RWE) activities in ROADMAP by Pieter-Jelle Visser.
Alzheimer Europe Conference, October 2-4, 2017
ROADMAP is part of a Lilly symposium, Alzheimer Europe conference, 2-4 October, Berlin (Germany): “Engaging with patient organizations within IMI consortia to inform quality, relevance and value in Alzheimer’s research”


October 4th, from 12.45 to 13.45 Moderator: Jean Georges (Executive Director Alzheimer Europe)
  • Mercè Boada: “MOPEAD: improving timely diagnosis through citizens’ participation”
  • Craig Ritchie: “EPAD: pioneering a novel approach to clinical trials of drugs designed to prevent Alzheimer’s dementia”
  • Catherine Reed: “ROADMAP: best use of Real World Evidence to address specific healthcare challenges”
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Impact of big data analytics on healthcare, October 4-5, 2017
Shahid Hanif will present ROADMAP as part of a BD4BO presentation at IMPACT OF BIG DATA ANALYTICS ON HEALTHCARE, October 4-5, 2017
Belvaux,Luxembourg: “BD4BO and ROADMAP: a collaborative approach to set new standards for the collation and evaluation of RWE in Alzheimer’s Disease”.

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4th General Assembly meeting ROADMAP project, October 16-17, 2017
The 4th ROADMAP General Assembly Meeting is organised for ROADMAP partners from 16-17 October at Hotel Constanza in Barcelona. Are you interested to learn more about ROADMAP and its activities? Contact us at
Clinical Trials in Alzheimer's Disease, November 1-4, 2017
ROADMAP Poster presentation at CtaD2017, November 1-4, 2017, Boston (US): “Challenges in Optimising Real World Evidence for AD”

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International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Annual European Congress, November 4-8, 2017
Breakout session at ISPOR 20th Annual European Congress, November 4-8, 2017, Glasgow (Scotland): “Challenges in Optimising Real World Evidence for AD”

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