Project deliverables

D7.4 Interim Report on dissemination activities and communication strategy update

08 Nov 2017

The present Interim Report on dissemination activities and communication strategy update aims to provide updated information on the communication tools developed early in the project. The achievements of these tools with regard to results of dissemination activities and their impact is evaluated.


D3.1 Overview of potential data sources with RWE data in Europe

15 May 2017

The identification and characterisation of the data sources in order to create a landscape of available real-world health care data is the first step to provide an understanding of currently available data for the relevant outcomes and outline potential gaps in currently available information about Alzheimer’s disease at various stages. Since the landscape of data should be sustainable information that is available for the current ROADMAP objectives as well as future research on the various stages of Alzheimer’s disease it should be documented in an accessible data source catalogue with curation and search features. For that purpose, the existing EMIF AD and EMIF EHR catalogues were selected as the preferred repositories, (, but at the same time taking into account the different fingerprinting needs for cohort type and EHR/national register type data.


D7.3 Initial set of communication tools

24 Apr 2017

The following document aims to provide an update of the different communication tools and materials that were developed during the first six months of the ROADMAP project. The initial report on communication tools and material is based on different sections. The sections include a summary of the general communication strategy and its approach as outlined in Deliverable D7.2. Initial Communication Plan, including project branding and policies. In line with the objectives stated in the initial communication plan, the developed tools, that are part of the communication framework, aim at the optimisation of the communication within the project consortium. The collaboratively designed framework includes channels and tools which are further described regarding their dissemination impact whenever possible.


D7.1 Project website

13 Apr 2017

As a key step towards increasing the visibility and outreach of the ROADMAP project to the different audiences, a project website was developed by WP7 co-leads with contributions by WP7 partners and the broader ROADMAP consortium. The aim of the website is to present the ROADMAP project as a whole and to give updates on all ROADMAP activities and publications on an ongoing basis, as part of the project’s communication and dissemination activities (WP7).


D2.1 First list of priority RWE outcomes for AD

15 Mar 2017

We have produced a first list of real-world evidence (RWE) outcomes for Alzheimer’s disease across the spectrum, having drawn upon findings from literature and following consultation with some of our partners within the Consortium who are leading experts in their fields in both academia and industry. In the next stages of our work, we will prioritize outcomes and agree on criteria for meaningful delay in disease progression through synthesizing our findings from systematic reviews, stakeholder surveys, priority setting workshops and on-going collaboration within the Consortium.